NO UCH DKVECH NORDVV-21 NVV-19-20-21 DKVV-19-21 RL1 Russling Flow


Sassy is our founding bitch and definitely the queen of the pack. She is white/tan and has a rough coat.

Sassy is retired from breeding, but still lives with us and has given us some beautiful offsprings. Sassy is the mother of Turbo and Lana, grandmother of Taxi, Fiasko and Java, and great grandmother of Neo.

DOB: May 28th 2011
Hight: 26 cm

Eyes(EVCO): Clear

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Norwegian champion
Danish veteranchampion
NOR veteranwinner 2019
NOR veteranwinner 2020
NOR veteranwinner 2021
DK veteranwinner 2019
DK veteranwinner 2021
Nordic veteranwinner 2021
Veteran of the year 2019
1 x Veteran CAC (NO)
2 x Veteran CACIB (SWE + NO)
1 x BIS Veteran
2 x BIS Veteran 2
1 x BIS Working dog
1 x BIS2 Working dog
1 x BIS3 Working dog
1 x BOG 2
1 x BOG 4
Compleated Rally Obedience class 1


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