NO SE UCH RL1 Gläfsebo’s Peter Pan


Pondus is both beautiful to look at but also very smart and with a lot of drive to work. He is white/tan and has a light broken coat.

Pondus is located in Søgne, Norway and is available for suiteble bitches that fulfil the requirement set by the Norwegian Kennel Club.

DOB: August 28th 2014
Hight: 29 cm

Eyes(EVCO) 2015: Clear
Eyes(EVCO) 2022: Clear
Knees(Patella): 0/0

Norwegian Champion
Swedish Champion
Best champion male Nordic Winner show 2016
1 x Veteran CAC (NO)
1 x Veteran CAC (DK)
2 x Veteran CACIB (DK+NO)
Certified Companion dog by Red Cross 2016
Rally Obedience class 1
Rally JRT of the year 2019
2 x CAC in Rally Obedience class 2


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